Salt Masterclass Series

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Basic Skills

This is the ideal place to begin your cookery journey with the Salt Masterclass. During this beginner’s topic, Paul will be leading you through the foundations of cookery. Whether you want to improve your knife skills, learn how to cook the perfect egg or master the skill of opening an oyster, this is the place to start.

Advanced Skills

Are you an adventurous home cook? The Advanced skills section will push even the most confident home cook. Paul will guide you through the many steps that are required to prepare a range of shellfish such as crab and lobster, along with a range of more complicated pastries.


Ready to embrace the Italian life-style? In this section, we will teach you to make your own dough from scratch. Once you have mastered the art of pasta making, you’ll then be capable of creating a wide style of traditional, beautiful pasta dishes – with Paul’s aide.


Bread is life. With the endless possibilities when it comes to bread development, this group of Salt masterclasses will give you the skills that you need to wow your friends and family. Learn to master the art of bread making from basic loaves to bagels and enriched doughs like brioche. The place to learn how to make the perfect loaf.


The most perfect textured chocolate tart, a summer pavlova and other show stopping dishes – this collection of masterclasses will help you on your way to become a powerhouse in creating desserts.

Stocks & Sauces

Great dishes aren’t complete without a good quality sauce. Throughout this section, Paul will show you how to make the perfect bernaise for your chosen protein, along with high-quality stocks for your sauces.

Fish & Shellfish

Become an expert in fish & shellfish with this group of masterclasses, fronted by Paul Foster. To begin, you will need to know how to source the best quality fish. Once you have the perfect ingredient, Paul will demonstrate how to fillet your fish and turn it into exciting dishes that you can make at home

Seasonal Dishes

As the seasons tick over, the stunning ingredients available to us change and develop. This selection of videos will reveal how to use the best seasonal ingredients in your cooking. Additionally, Paul will illustrate how to produce spectacular “occasion” dishes including a Christmas yule log, and a romantic valentine’s dinner for two.

Prepare and cook meat

Become an expert in butchery and cooking all kinds of meat with this group of masterclasses, fronted by Paul Foster. To begin, you will learn how to source the best quality meat and poultry. Once you have the perfect ingredient, Paul will demonstrate how to bone out and prepare all kinds of different animals and then execute the perfect juicy tender meat dishes. Learn how to achieve the perfect crackling and roast Sunday chicken, whilst also nailing the cooking degrees on any steak.

Vegetables and garnishes

Learn how to complete your dishes with the perfect vegetable and potato accompaniments. From the creamiest, smoothest mash potato to a beautifully crispy Pomme Rösti. Paul will teach you the skills you need to get these important side dishes and accompaniments on point every time.

Paul’s Talks

Allow Paul to share his knowledge of incredible ingredients via a series of videos packed with tips. Paul will talk through Meat, Fish and vegetable seasons and what you are looking for when purchasing quality products.